April 20, 2014

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April 20, 2014



My thoughts exactly.

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April 20, 2014
AUs You Really Want to Read



Question, my lovelies: what are some rumbelle (or ONCE in general) AUs that you’d really, really like to read? I’m talking specifically about ones that you haven’t seen, that nobody’s done yet.

I’m gonna keep this open until midnight tonight, but please…

April 20, 2014



zelena keeping the dagger in her boots tho


This made the scene bearable. Thank you!

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Get out!

Belle is angry. She’s as angry as we’ve always thought she should be but we never got to see on screen. This is not recent. She’s been feeling this way all along. 

And yet when Rumplestiltskin wants to take revenge on her behalf he doesn’t let him. It makes sense that Belle can let this out now because Rumple isn’t around to hear it. Because Belle knows that if Rumple knew her real feelings on Regina that he’d do much worse than the wraith. 

Because no matter how hurt Belle is, she isn’t going to use Rumplestiltskin in that way. She won’t ask him to get his hands dirty on her behalf. And she’ll use her words to make herself known because she isn’t going to hurt Regina, even if she deserves it. 

And that’s why Belle should sit on the Iron Throne of Storybrooke. She should be Queen Mayor Warrior Bookworm because she’s won’t harm someone else (the way Regina will hurt people who hurt her) but she doesn’t just ignore their misdeeds like Snow. 

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April 20, 2014


What could be going through Belle’s mind….

**bitch, he’s Mr. French**

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April 20, 2014


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April 20, 2014
Can I just say ….HAHAHAHA!! I TOLD YOU!!!!! 
Okay, done gloating now …well, maybe not …maybe tomorrow.

Can I just say ….HAHAHAHA!! I TOLD YOU!!!!! 

Okay, done gloating now …well, maybe not …maybe tomorrow.

April 20, 2014



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April 20, 2014








I do find it interesting that very few people spur Rumpelstiltskin to physical violence, but when they do, he doesn’t do things by half-measures. He killed Milah, he threatened to knife August, and this is the second time he tried to kill Moe if someone hadn’t stopped him (Emma and Charming both playing the same role as foil for Gold).

You don’t threaten, dismiss, pretend to be or disparage the people this man loves, or he WILL hit you, and he’ll do it hard and fast and utterly without mercy.

So heartbreakingly true. You mess with Belle or Bae, Rumpelstiltskin with kill you without any hesitation. At this point, Rumpel is able to use magic. Instead….he uses physical force to make his statement known. That tells you so much.

I had a giggle over this, cuz, all I can think on the BTS side was that the actor playing Moe French must never want to act with Bobby ever again, because each time he does, Bobby attacks him and well, that poke does look like it hurts and there’s definitely a bit of throat crushing.

Bobby’s really method so I have no doubts that the man who plays Moe walks away from the fight scenes a bit bruised and battered. I think I read somewhere that Bobby said he was so into the Skin Deep scene that he had a hard time not hurting “Moe.”

Yep XD Maybe that’s why we don’t see Moe more often. The actor doesn’t want to play him anymore.
"Ok, luv, your act involves you drugging Belle so that she forgives you and Rumpel-"

Can I just say two things? 1. Both actors are talented (or you wouldn’t hate Moe as much as you do) so I very much doubt Eric Keenlyside would ever refuse to act with him. and 2. The man’s name is Eric Keenlyside, it is SO RUDE to talk about about actor by their name “Bobby” and then instead of taking 5.2 seconds to look up the other guys name you call him his character. I cannot stress how rude that is. Seriously.

Hey Sorry, luv, I didn’t want to offend you by my post, nor sound rude. It’s just that I was answering someone and didn’t take the time to go and check Eric Keenlyside’s name, true, my bad, hence why I called him “the actor playing Moe”.

However, when I typed Moe’s name, I actually meant the character, not the actor. Cuz we don’t see Moe in storylines anymore. I didn’t mean the actor at that moment.
So I’m really sorry if you were offended, it was awkward in the way I said it, but I meant no disrespect to the actor himself. Seriously.

No worries. I’m not offended. However, should you ever meet Eric Keenlyside on the street and point and go …”Hey I know you …you’re MOE!!!” He would be offended. It’s an actor thing. Yes they are pleased that you recognize them but it’s kind of insulting if you didn’t take a moment to look up their real name. You know? I’ve literally stopped someone on Hollywood Blvd and had to take a moment, but then remembered their name (cause I always look if I like a show just in case) and he hugged me …in public …with lots of people around …and it was magical (I was like 25 or something). 

So, there you go, lesson for today, know the actors real name and they are much more likely to stand around and chat with you. Especially if they are new to the acting world or tend to play minor characters.

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